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Elevated Solutions

1. CARE (Comprehensive Advisory Real Estate) Package

This is our highly integrated rental real estate investment solution. We help identify, purchase, and manage the investment property with continued access to an experienced team of professionals working together in your best interest.

2. Out-of-State or Foreign Home Buyer Strategic Solution

Are you looking to own a rental property in our growing market but live out of state? Are you looking for a retirement or vacation home in the future but looking to add passive income now? We advise on the location, execution, and strategy, allowing out-of-state investors exclusive access to Florida’s desirable real estate market. We can even set up virtual showings and guide you through the entire process remotely.

3. Review My Existing Property

Have an existing real estate investment and want to know if you’re maximizing cash flow or tax advantages? We run comps, review rental income and management fees, review investor statements, and provide our expert opinion. We can even visit the property to make suggestions to increase rental income or increase the equity in your investment.

4. Elevate Loyalty Program

Looking to invest in multiple properties simultaneously? Plan to continue adding real estate to your investment portfolio over time? Talk to us about our loyalty program, offering added incentives, reduced costs, and planning benefits.

5. Consulting Packages Tailored to Your Unique Situation

Have a need that extends beyond the scope of our four core strategic solutions? We can tailor custom consulting solutions to meet your needs. This includes commercial property investment, estate planning, cash-out refinancing advice, cost segregation strategies, finding a custom builder, review of existing property portfolio, creating protective lease agreements, and drafting complex operating agreements. Our consulting packages are customized to deliver incredible value and results. Call us to explore our unique options.

“If You Don’t Find a Way to Make Money While You Sleep, You Will Work Until You Die.”
– Warren Buffet