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Value Proposition

Elevated Value

We solve an existing problem. Real estate investing is complicated, capital intensive, and competitive. We simplify the process, get the right properties in front of you, and introduce strategies that you may not have even considered. We think of everything because we’ve handled everything.

We provide you with continuous access to our consulting team throughout the duration of our engagement. Each professional will focus on different aspects of the investment process and remain in communication with the team to ensure the best solutions for our clients.

If You Use Our Team of Professionals Throughout the Entire Process, the Package Easily Pays for Itself in as Little as One Year.
As an Elevate Client, Your Benefits and Incentives Will Include the Following:

Up to half of the cost of the CARE package refunded back to the client at closing. Call for details on how this exclusive pricing feature works to see if you qualify.

A reduced property management fee typically reserved for multiple property owners (discounted rates can also be applied if other properties moved over).

The cost to form and incorporate your LLC correctly.

The fees to obtain a unique tax ID from the IRS to allow for separate business banking and favorable tax treatment.

The cost of creating and filing a standard operating agreement to satisfy financing requirements.

A free review of the previous two year’s tax returns to ensure you captured all available deductions, confirm you did not overpay, and provide insight into how your new investment can help lower taxable income in the future.

A free property appraisal (up to a $700 value) or a free rent-schedule to help you use estimated rent payments to qualify for financing.

Access to virtual and in-person showings, real-time market data and market comps, and estimated rental income for selected properties.

The peace of mind knowing your investment is structured properly from a legal, tax, and financial planning perspective.

Access to a team of professionals who work collaboratively with your best interests in mind.

Preferred Rates for Ongoing Professional Services Exclusively Available to Elevate Clients:

Financial planning (investments, retirement planning, tax and estate planning, education planning, asset protection, and personal finance) at a 15% reduced advisory fee.

Preferred client fees for bookkeeping services and tax preparation with John Russi.

Discounted hourly legal fees for work relating to your investment that falls outside the scope of our standard offerings.

Basic estate planning legal packages (will, trust, power of attorney, health care proxy, etc.) at a 15% reduced rate.

Advanced estate planning services, including Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRTs) to be discounted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the complexity of the service.

LLC annual reporting and state filings at a reduced annual fee.

“The Best Investment on Earth Is Earth.”
– Louis Glickman

Why choose Elevate?

Flexibility and Control

We provide flexibility and full control over your investment. You control when to sell, refinance, increase the rent, take equity out, upgrade the property, etc. You control cash flows, taxable events, and the people making your investment decisions.
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Our Integrative and Collaborative Approach

Our integrative process ensures your professional team works collaboratively throughout your investment, ensuring all your needs are met and helping you avoid the pitfalls of inexperienced real estate investing.
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Strong Client Relationships

Elevate values our client relationships and prides itself on educating our investors. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable and knowledgeable throughout the process.
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