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What to Expect

Step 1

Call Us to Schedule a Complimentary No-Obligation 10-15 Minute Introductory Phone Call to Review Your Situation and Objectives, Discuss Our Services, and Understand Exactly Where We Deliver Value.
If needed, a follow-up call with one of our professionals will be scheduled to answer any additional questions at no-cost.

Step 2

Upon Deciding to Employ Our Firm for Your Real Estate Investment, a Retainer Will Be Required to Secure Our Professional Services. The Order and Scope of Services Will Be Customized to Your Individual Requirements.

Step 3

Work Constructively With Our Team of Professionals to Move Your Project Forward. A Typical Engagement Will Look Something Like This:
An introductory 75-minute meeting with our CFP® professional to review your financial situation, understand your financial goals and objectives, determine your risk tolerance, and briefly cover the tax advantages of real estate investing.
An introductory call with our realtor team, Icon Realty Associates, to understand your situation, cover the desired property details, and let you know what you can expect moving forward.
A 45-minute discussion with a CPA tax professional to review the tax benefits, understand your asset ownership structure, and review the tax implications of your investment.
Access to our corporate attorney to ensure the property is structured correctly to limit your liability and protect your estate.
A conversation with our preferred lending partner to review your financing options and ensure your LLC is structured properly to obtain the best rate available.
Exclusive pricing and services with our property management company to generate higher yields, mitigate your risks, and ensure your tenants' needs are met without you ever having to interact with your tenants.

Step 4

Select the Desired Property That Meets Your Investment Objectives.

Step 5

Start Collecting Passive Income.
“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”
– Mark Twain